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Lakeland Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Lakeland Construction Accident Lawyer

We often think of construction zones as being accessible only to construction workers, but they can also be very dangerous for pedestrians and passersby. When a construction site in Florida is not properly marked or secured, serious accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries can occur.

If you are injured at a construction site, it is important to work with a construction accident lawyer in Tampa who has your best interests at heart. At Mickey Keenan P.A. Attorney at Law, I can help you get back on your feet. I have 10 years of legal experience, and I work closely with experts to help show that you deserve compensation for your serious injuries.

What Is A Construction Accident?

Many construction accident scenarios can result in serious personal injury. I have the experience, knowledge and resources to help if you have been hurt because of a negligent owner, contractor or subcontractor. Common construction accidents include:

  • A business stayed open during construction, but didn't ensure its premises were safe.
  • A construction site failed to adhere to safety requirements.
  • Trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Accidents that were the result of construction project defects
  • Crane accidents
  • A construction site was not properly marked, causing injuries to a pedestrian.

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