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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: The Importance Of Mickey Keenan, P. A.'s Client Communication And Creative Logic Solution

Your Fight Is Our Fight. 

While shopping at a local grocery store, a woman slipped on grease and fell as she turned from one aisle to another. She sustained significant injuries, and — after more than a year of effort — could not secure sufficient assistance from the grocer’s insurance to pay her medical fees.

This experience led to physical, emotional and financial strain, so the woman contacted Mickey Keenan, P.A. and expressed a deep need for clear and frequent communication with her legal team, and quick resolution so she could pay past-due bills.

We respond to all our clients within 24 hours,” said Mickey Keenan, attorney and managing owner. “Listening and responding thoughtfully and quickly was really important to this client who, like all our clients, could speak with her attorney via text, email, call, or visiting our office. We pride ourselves on reliable and thoughtful communication so clients understand all the details they want to know about their case.

The insurance company initially made minimal offers on this client’s claim, so the legal team prepared for a lawsuit.

We did a Full Court Press expediting processes for her case and working overtime or at odd hours — because we empathized with her situation and need for quick closure,” Mickey said. 

This work uncovered several key facts about the case, including:

  • Grocers’ good-faith requirements to adequately maintain their stores.
  • The cause of the grease on the floor: insufficient packaging of chicken.
  • The location of the clear grease where the aisle turned made it difficult to see, which helped determine the client’s level of responsibility to watch where she was going. Additionally, grocery stores employ marketing tactics to keep consumers’ eyes on products at eye level, rather than on the floor where they’re walking.
We focused on all those things when we presented information to the insurance company before filing a lawsuit. When they saw things in this sense, it raised the value of her claim to an amount that satisfied the client, and we were able to settle.
— Mickey Keenan